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Hello Iam new here.


I found your Site over google and iam so happy about that, because i have a KORG Pa1000 and i search fpr Sounds, Styles etc. for my Brand new Keyboard.

I live in Germany but i was born at Greece, and so i search Greek Sounds and Styles, maybe Balkan or Oriental, too :)


So, my Problem is, why can`t i Download Sets, sorry for the Stupid Answer, but iam new and i can`t Read your Language.




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Hello Sakis and welcome.

This site is localised and dedicated to romanian language speakers mostly. The majority of the materials stored for download are romanian specific too.Also,there are international,balkanic,oriental sets/samplers/styles available .

The BIG problems for you are: You have to be a romanian speaker and to be a contributor/donator user in order to have download acces.Please,try to translate with Google what is written in regulations site .



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